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3 Common Courier Mistakes To Avoid

No matter what type of business you run, package delivery is critical. Receiving your packages when promised is something that can really make or break a business, depending on the industry. This week’s Velocity Courier Service LLC's blog discusses three common courier mistakes you should avoid to ensure your packages arrive on time.

Velocity Courier Service LLC understands the importance of proper, professional, and timely package delivery. That’s why we offer multiple delivery schedules for a wide range of businesses, including law firms, accounting firms, medical businesses, financial institutions, and more. We offer prompt delivery services for packages, documents, checks, forms, or whatever else you may need delivered.


One of the number one mistakes we see here at Velocity Courier Service LLC is that our customers often use the wrong packaging. Many times, our customers throw their packages in the first box they see, regardless of how well the contents fit inside.

Why does this matter? The type of packaging you choose can greatly affect the cost of shipping. You should be sure to use a box or envelope that’s not too big for your delivery, as it can cost you and the courier company extra, unnecessary money. If your box is way too big for your package, you are going to have to add extra materials and padding to keep it safe, which you’ll also have to pay for — so really, you’re just paying extra for empty space, when you could just use a smaller box.


Have special delivery instructions that our team at On Demand Courier needs to follow to successfully deliver your package? Be sure to tell us ahead of time so we can ensure secure and on-time delivery.

Delivery instructions can include things such as where you want your package left, whether a particular person needs to sign for the delivery, any “secret” or hidden entrances our team members may have to go through to reach the destination, etc. Please be sure to clearly state these instructions so that our team members can work as quickly as possible, ensuring your package reaches its destination on time.


We know that you have lots of choices when it comes to package delivery in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, which is why our team at Velocity Courier Service LLC offers the very best. Our wide range of delivery scheduling options allow each of our customers to choose a delivery time that fits with their schedule and guarantees secure, on-time delivery.

We use the latest technology available to ensure that we can fulfill each and every delivery request. If you need courier or delivery service in or around Dallas-Fort Worth, reach out to our team at Velocity Courier Service LLC today. We can help you determine which type of delivery service and scheduling will best suit you.

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