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5 Tips For Driving In The Fall - Dallas, Texas Edition

We are almost always on the road delivering essential packages and shipments to clients in and around Texas. We thought we'd spend a few minutes helping (always at the forefront of our mind) giving some tips for traveling in the fall!

While many drivers know they need to be cautious during the winter months, drivers may not consider the unique driving conditions that can occur in the fall. Leaves, sun glare, rain, deer, and fog can all contribute to hazardous driving conditions in the fall. Here are 5 tips for handling these driving obstacles during the season.

5 Fall Driving Tips For Couriers

Avoid Braking on Leaves

Did you know that wet leaves can be as slippery as ice? Drive through them slowly and avoid hard braking when there are a lot of leaves on the road. Leaves can also obscure land dividers and other road markers, so pay close attention when driving in areas with a lot of leaf coverage.

Keep Rain Smarts In Mind

Most cities see an increase in rainfall during the autumn. When it is raining, it is important to keep a safe distance from the car in front of you, as rain can make the road more slippery. There is also the risk of hydroplaning to consider, especially when there are puddles on the road. Also, remember not to use high beams in fog conditions.

Watch Out for Deer

Deer breeding season begins in autumn. This means that they will be more active during this season than at other points of the year. Deer are especially active during sunset and sunrise, so be extra careful when driving near wooded areas during those times of the day.

Adjust Your Eyes

Because of the changes in sunset and sunrise times, you may find yourself commuting in lighting conditions you are not used to. There is also an increase in sun glare on and near the autumnal equinox to consider. Investing in a good pair of driving sunglasses for the daytime and keeping your windshield clean are both critical steps to driving safely during the autumn.

Prepare Your Car

During the fall, you should also consider any car maintenance tips that can impact your driving ability. For example, check your tire pressure. Changes in temperature can affect your tire’s ability to maintain adequate pressure. You should also check your headlights and change your windshield wipers to ensure proper visibility during autumn driving.

By considering these conditions in advance and preparing adequately, you can make sure that you are driving as safely as possible during the fall months.

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