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Holiday Shipping Tips in Dallas, Texas

The holiday season is one of the most wonderful (but stressful!) times of the year. Even though it looks like it won’t be a white Christmas in the wider North Texas, Dallas and Fort Worth areas, the plethora of holidays coming up over the course of the next month ensure that everyone is going to be making last-minute preparations. Your typical courier services like UPS and the U.S. Postal Service are going through one of the busiest months of their year, which means that they’re either way behind and may not be able to guarantee on-time delivery, or may be charging premiums to make sure that your packages are being delivered on time.

If you have deliveries of any sort that need to be made and you’re concerned about the cost and reliability of a good delivery service, look no further than Velocity Courier Service. We are known for being efficient and professional, and our clients love us for it!


Whether you are a business needing to deliver gifts that have been ordered locally or in need of a business-related delivery around town and can’t afford the longer shipping times or extra shipping expenses this holiday season is bringing with it, trust Velocity Courier Service with your delivery needs today. Our package scheduling system ensures that any time-sensitive demands will be made within the timeframe you require. Our shipping times are faster than other services, with none of the extra expenses or delays that you might face elsewhere.


Although more widely known for our business deliveries, Velocity Courier Service is happy to serve individuals as well! Whether you are shopping for gifts last-minute, preparing to go out of town, or preparing to have friends or family stay with you, you are bound to have enough on your plate without having to worry about trying to match up schedules to drop off packages. You can either call us when you’re ready or schedule a delivery for whenever will be most convenient for both parties. Velocity Courier Service handles deliveries all over the Dallas-Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. Check out our service area below!

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