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How To Quickly Get Reliable Courier Service In Dallas, Texas

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” These are the words over the entrance of the New York City Post Office on 8th Avenue, and are the United States Postal Service’s unofficial motto.

For over a century, these words rang true: postal workers have been diligently delivering mail to U.S. citizens like clockwork, regardless of inclement weather or other unfavorable conditions.

In the midst of a pandemic, however, the USPS motto hasn’t exactly been holding up.

Mail Delivery Has Become Unreliable

Since June 2020, most Americans have been noticing “the swift completion” of their mail’s delivery isn’t so swift anymore.

While the USPS has been losing money for a while now, they have never faced a bigger threat. The pandemic prevented big money makers like marketing mail from making a dent this year because everyone was staying home.

Because of decreased mail volume, 671 high-capacity letter sorting machines have been taken offline, collection boxes have been removed, and post office hours have been decreased significantly. Letters that would normally take a day to arrive across town now take more than a week.

As the year progresses, this public service feels less dependable by the day. For time-sensitive mail and packages, the USPS is simply no longer an option.

Many Trusted Delivery Companies Have Lost Reliability Too

The pandemic has caused a tremendous strain on companies like FedEx as well. With countless stores being closed, more Americans have been relying on getting their essentials from online vendors. This has overloaded traditional package delivery services and caused delays in arrival times.

FedEx’s facility in Oak Park, MI, for instance, has received over 700 complaints over late delivery times since the pandemic started. Some customers reported having their packages delayed for months, while other packages have been lost completely.

While USPS has intervened to assist delivery companies with package overflow in the past, this option seems less feasible now that USPS is struggling too.

With a continuing demand for deliveries in this remote world we’re living in, alternatives to USPS and globally branded delivery services should be considered.

How Courier Services Can Help

Businesses need a delivery option they can trust. They can no longer assume that an overnight delivery option will actually be delivered on time.

Why choose an uncertain service in these uncertain times? There is a trustworthy alternative in your local community to get your packages to their intended receiver. Courier services come directly to your business and deliver your package in a timely manner with the personal care no other delivery service provides.

Velocity Courier Services: A Trusted Courier Service

If you are in Texas and need something delivered quickly in the area, go with the proven experts of expedited shipment at Velocity Courier Service.

Through our strategically placed service facility centers, Velocity Courier Service has performed thousands of time-sensitive package deliveries, and this pandemic hasn’t hindered our performance one bit. In fact, this year we’ve enhanced our safety standards, so you’ll never have to worry about your health when you choose us.

When you need the on-demand delivery of an important package, the peace of mind Velocity Courier Service brings alongside it is key. This year is stressful enough without having to worry about your package arriving on time.

Call our delivery specialists to discuss our rates at or 817-609-2230 to book your next delivery!

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