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Two Ways Velocity Courier Services Can Serve You!

Saving time:

Being flexible outside of business hours allows our clients to get the packages where they need them when they need them.

Our team of delivery drivers also saves our clients time since they are local to Texas. This means our drivers are located right in the area and not driving an hour out from the city to make a pickup or delivery. Being local also means we are familiar with the daily traffic patterns and road closures and can easily avoid them to take the quickest route possible for your pickup and delivery.

Saving Money:

Some extra fees can be incurred when hiring couriers for regular or specialized jobs. With Reliable couriers, all of our drivers are well vetted during the hiring process and placed through OSHA and HIPAA certification courses as well as protocol training classes. This means all our drivers are trained to handle deliveries in any field or industry with no extra charges or fees. Our couriers are the best in Texas, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra for their training and certifications.

Another money saver that comes from the delivery drivers of Velocity Courier Service is the money they save and pass on to our clients. By utilizing the quickest and shortest routes, our drivers save our vehicles on gas/charging and wear and tear, saving the company money and passing the savings onto the consumer. Our drivers also save money this way by perfecting and altering their routes throughout the day to complete their deliveries as efficiently as possible.

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