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What Makes Velocity Courier Services So Reliable?

Over the past decade, parcel deliveries have gone through the roof. Drive down any residential street, and you’ll see this fact on full display: packages stacked on porches, delivery trucks making their daily visits to neighborhoods, delivery drivers snapping drop-off photos, mailboxes not being used for mailers but for deliveries and so much more.

It used to be that we all went to stores. It used to be that we expected long wait times for any ordered items. We didn’t expect overnight deliveries, and we certainly didn’t expect same-day deliveries. My how times have changed! In 2024, many customers won’t order items that can’t be delivered within 48-hours. We expect immediate tracking capabilities and guarantee that when an item says “delivered next-day” – that it will be.

As with all things, we see trends over time. And there is one that the logistics industry has to talk about: customers’ trust.

A Blue Yonder survey in late 2023, just prior to the holiday hustle and bustle, revealed that 48% of respondents believed that delivery estimates were “potentially unreliable.” Approximately 38% of respondents said that they worry their packages will be damaged en route.

Can we pause and really look at those numbers?? FORTY EIGHT PERCENT don’t trust that what they are told about delivery times will actually happen. That’s a staggering number. Why is distrust high? Probably because customers have experienced disappointment in delivery windows and in mishandling of their items.

Staying power in any industry depends on customer trust. Lose customer trust, lose customers. Here’s how we see it:

  • We believe in doing what we say. Velocity Courier Services believes follow-through is our biggest testimony. When you place a same day delivery order, WE DO IT. We don’t complete it the following day or outside your specified time frame. We do it within your required hours, same day.

  • We believe in ever-improving our on-time records. Our on-time delivery records hover around 98-99%. We are constantly evaluating what is working, what isn’t and how we can improve. If a delivery is late, we systematically evaluate it and make changes based on our findings.

  • We don’t believe in passing the buck. We believe that honesty truly is the best policy. We don’t use smoke screens or gimmicks. We tell you the truth, start to finish. Refreshing, isn’t it? If there is something out-of-the-ordinary happening with your delivery (like the highway shuts down because an 18-wheeler wrecks and spills thousands of eggs on the road (yes, this actually happened!)), we will keep you updated. We don’t leave you in limbo. We communicate up-front, always.

  • We believe in never compromising on excellent service. You should be able to trust your DFW Courier Service. This starts with excellent service. It’s why we carefully train all of our team members – whether it’s a customer service representative taking a phone order or a courier. Excellent service builds trust.

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